The Z.E.S.T. Your Brand™ Success Formula

Zoom Into Your Brand

The first and most important stage in your branding is to get a clear understanding your brand. To achieve this, I will aid you in zooming right into your whys and wherefores, helping you to hone your brand.

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Etch Out Your Message

It is crucial that you know your target audience intimately; what makes them tick, what puts them off, how they think and feel. Once you know this, you will be better placed to create a message that commmunicates to your ideal clients on a deep and personal level.

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Shape Your Tools

Your logo, blog, website and social presence are all essential tools for communicating your brand concisely and effectively.

I have a decade of experience in creating eye-catching, attractive graphics, logos and websites.

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Take Consistent Action

Once you have your brand in place, it’s vital that you keep it maintained, in order to build the momentum needed to sustain your clients’ attention and engagement.

However, while working in your business, it’s often hard to keep your blog, website and social media up-to-date. This is why I provide a range of Brand Maintenance and Support Packages, so you can rest assured that you’ve always got it covered.

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Discover The Secrets To A Strong Brand Identity

Why Choose My Branding Solutions

Get Distinguished From The Crowd

By working with you to clearly define and communicate your brand, I can enable you to stand out in your niche.

Learn What's Working Now

By sharing with you my 10+ years of professional experience, I can teach you the skills you need to establish your brand online.

Attract More of Your Ideal Clients

By teaching you the best online marketing strategies, I can empower you to better attract your ideal customers.

Continued Business Growth

By assisting you with maintaining your social media, I can support you as you evolve and grow your business.

The Solutions I Provide

Branding Consultancy and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring services to help you gain clarity of your brand; discovering the where, why, what, who, how and when of your brand.

Branding and Business Growth Training

Masterclasses and workshops to teach you the secrets of branding, online marketing and business growth.

Brand Design and Creation

Helping you to get noticed, with a stand-out logo design and a stunning website that attracts and your ideal clients.

Brand Continuity

On-going brand maintenance services to further strengthen you brand and give you the peace of mind that you have the support you need, when you need it most.


Brand Coaching and Mentoring

“Jae helped and advised me when I was first starting out in my business. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding marketing online and using web technologies. I would heartily recommend Jae to anyone seeking business support or advice about online marketing.”

Pushpa Alexander
Headz Up Business

Training and Speaking

“I have attended several seminars and business meetups where Jae has been host and I would highly recommend his abilities and knowledge in teaching and training. Jae obviously has a wealth of knowledge in branding, online marketing and web design and I’ve always found his approach to be friendly, welcoming and informative.”

Sharon Brown
Lydian Events Ltd

Brand Design and Creation

“The whole process, from start to finish has been an absolutely pleasure. Jae is extremely knowledgeable about web design…”

Narinder Moore
The Wheel of Wellbeing

Branding Support

“Jae’s work ethic has been impeccable and he has become a resource I can depend on. I’d recommend him to others looking for reliable services.”

Catherine Labinjo
The Excellence Coach

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