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Get The Support You Need To Keep Your Brand Vibrant and Active!

Jae-Lex Linsey Providing Branding Consultancy to a Client

To ensure your brand remains vibrant and active, you need to keep it well maintained. However, maintaining your brand on an on-going basis can be a challenge, when you have so many other aspects of your business to manage.

A reliable Brand Maintenance and Support Service will make all the difference!

Brand Maintenance and Support Services

Running your business is your passion. Providing the services you offer to your clients is what you do best; it’s what you thrive upon. You want to focus your energies on giving your best service to your clients, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

And with so many additional elements to focus on, in order to keep your brand alive and attractive to new and potential clients – blogging, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, website maintenance, to name but a few – it can be a challenge to sustain the balance you desire, especially if you have more than one brand.

My Brand Maintenance and Support Services are designed for busy entrepreneurs who wish to consolidate their essential social media management, website maintenance and other back office systems, in order to attain a smoother operational flow throughout their businesses and keep a strong and vibrant brand image.

Versatile Brand Maintenance packages are available in both Monthly Retainer and flexible Hourly Packages, to suit your requirements.

What’s Included In Brand Maintenance Packages

Each Brand Maintenance and Support package includes the following services:

  • Email Campaign Support – Maintaining email lists on Aweber or Mailchimp. Creating/Amending email campaigns*.
  • Social Media Management – Moderating Facebook groups or pages owned by the client. Regular status updates to Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and/or company pages) and Instagram. Responding, on your behalf, to comments from others.
  • WordPress Website Maintenance – Ensuring your installation of WordPress and all plug-ins are running at the latest versions. Monitoring comments on blog posts – and removing spam comments. Adding/amending content to existing web pages*, as and when required. Adding blog posts* on a weekly or monthly basis. (Additional web pages may be added, for an additional fee of just US$50 per page.)

Additionally, packages may be personalised to include additional business services, such as (but not limited to) event management and/or hosting, photography, video editing, etc., as agreed with the client at the start of the contract.

* Unless otherwise agreed, all content is to be provided by the client. Only content that the client has the required usage rights for will be used. The client will accept full responsibility for all copyrights and usage rights of content posted/used on their website and other online and offline media.

Monthly Retainer Packages

Brand Maintenance Retainer Packages give you the peace of mind that you have the on-going support you need, when you need it most.

Benefit from daily, weekly and monthly behind-the-scenes support for your social media, email campaigns and website maintenance.

Each package is tailored to your specific needs and budget and provides you with a minimum of 3 months’ support.

Hourly Packages

If you don’t have the on-going budget or the need for a Monthly Retainer Package, then a Brand Maintenance Hourly Package may be a more cost-effective solution for you. Simply purchase a block of hours, to be used as you need, over a maximum of 2 months or as specified in the pricing tables below, for any of the business support services outlined on this web page.

Micro Package

Ideal For Those Short Projects
Hours Included: 5
Use Your Hours Within: 1 month
Package Price: US$197

Mini Package

Ideal For Holiday Cover
Hours Included: 10
Use Your Hours Within: 2 months
Package Price: US$367

Medium Package

Great For A Medium-Sized Project
Hours Included: 15
Use Your Hours Within: 2 months
Package Price: US$512

Max Value Package

Perfect For A Major Project
Hours Included: 20
Use Your Hours Within: 2 months
Package Price: US$657

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