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3 Hacks That Will Help You Through The Toughest Challenges In Your Business.


Being in business for yourself is a personal development journey. You find out things about yourself that you never before knew. You discover skills you didn’t realise you had. You find inner strength you never knew was within you. You become more resilient and better able to overcome challenges in life in general.

Well, that’s the ideal result from being your own boss. And, while many do actually achieve that state of being, for others, the journey is not an easy one. So what do you do when things get painfully challenging? What tools do you have in place that will carry you through the toughest of challenges in your business?

Here are 3 things that I have found to be invaluable assets and have kept me going through my darkest days.

1) Meditation

Eyes looking aheadFor me, meditation is about bringing it all back to the present moment. Business can be stressful enough, and it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of focusing on our past mistakes, replaying them in our minds and trying to think what went wrong, how we “should have” acted, what we “could have” said, and how the these “would have” changed things. It’s in the past now.

Okay, replaying events in our mind can be beneficial to a point, if our aim is to learn from it – turning a “mistake” into a lesson – and then moving on. Continuously going over and over the events, however, will not serve us.

Conversely, worrying about future events is not helpful either. Being prepared is one thing. Anxiously trying to cover all bases and account for every possible outcome, on the other hand, is an extremely expensive drain on energy and personal resources.

I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of both of these things – focusing on both the past and/or the future. (But haven’t we all, at some point in our lives?) The past is behind us and our future is the result of our actions in the present; the now. And this is where meditation comes in. It brings your focus back to the present moment, where you’re better able to see what needs to be done right NOW!

Meditation is easy to do and there are several scientific studies that will attest to the medical, emotional and mental health benefits of it.

I learned a very easy 3-step technique, which is part of the practice of mindfulness, from a lovely lady by the name of Shelly Arkless, from The Mindful Road. However, rather than me explaining in detail how you do it, I’ll encourage you to check it out for yourself at The Mindful Road website.

The point to I want to make, though, is that when you are focused on the present moment, you have greater clarity and are better equipped to make clearer decisions, both in business and life in general. Meditation empowers you in this way.

2) Get A Coach Or Mentor

Professional CoachingHaving a mentor or coach can bring so many benefits to you and your business. My first coach was a lady called, Pam Sheppard. She helped me immensely to build in my confidence as a business owner. And, I have to say, without her guidance, I may well have found myself getting off my entrepreneurial journey and losing sight of my dreams.

The greatest benefit I received from Pam was learning how to detach myself from a situation and looking at it objectively. Pam also helped me to discover a love for reading, which has helped me exponentially in my personal development journey and my business.

That being said, time takes its toll. And being in business for yourself is rarely, if ever, a smooth ride. It can be easy to find yourself getting distracted or disheartened, taking a number of detours along your journey.

This is why I have had a number of coaches, over the years. I’ve found having a coach is has inspired me to take great leaps that I never before considered possible!

Coaching has empowered me to take even greater strides forward; to really hone in and focus on my goals, my whys and to start “being on purpose.”

So, whatever stage of your business you’re at, I would encourage you to find a coach who resonates with you, and seriously invest in your personal development and professional growth with them.

3) A Strong Why!

If you don’t know where you’re going, what your destination is, then it will become too easy to quit your journey when your find yourself lost or faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, along the way.

If you don’t know why you’re doing something, you have no motivation to follow through to its completion. And, even more important than just, “knowing why,” you’re doing your business, it has to be something that touches you deep inside. Something that touches your heart so strongly that nothing will stop you from doing it.

The stronger your why, for being in business, the more likely you are to stay the course, ride through any recession, challenge or other obstacle, and remain your own boss.

Bringing It All Together

So, these are three immensely powerful tools that have helped me to stay on my entrepreneurial journey, and they will help you too, I’m sure.

Brand Coaching - The Key To A Strong Foundation For On-Going Growth

Whether you’re just starting out in business or looking to raise your game, getting clear on your brand – why you are, what you are, who you are, what your unique value is, etc. – is key to laying the right foundation for the growth of both you and your business.

With over a decade of experience in business and branding, I am able to guide you through your branding journey. I can aid you in finding your why, where, what, who and how – giving you an even clearer brand focus.

If you would like to know more about how I can help you build and establish a brand that creates excitement and builds revenue for your business, then click the button below.