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My Story - In Brief
I had my first experience of public speaking when I was just 8 years of age. I delivered a short Bible talk to an audience of more than 40 congregation members, at my mother’s church. Although I got my words mixed up and burst into tears, with a little encouragement from a gentleman sat on the first row, I completed my speaking assignment to rapturous applause.

That first speaking experience, to be honest, was quite harrowing. However, the exhilaration I felt on completing that first talk was enough for me to do it again, a few weeks later. And, as time progressed and I realised I could actually do this speaking thing well, I learned to enjoy it. And, with the encouragement and coaching from the ministers in my mother’s church, I continued to do short Bible talks throughout my childhood and on into my early twenties.

Throughout my working career I have had many opportunities I could to speak and train team colleagues, in a classroom setting.

I became a full-time business owner in 2008 and have taken every opportunity to speak at and host networking events since that year, up into the present day.

Most recently, I have acted as event host at a business conference in Malta and currently run my own networking events and training workshops.

My Story - In Full
My first experience of public speaking came when I was about 8 years old – and I’ve not really stopped speaking since. The Ministers at my mother’s church saw fit to encourage me and a few other youngsters in the congregation to do some Bible readings. However, it was more than just reading a passage of scripture. I was asked to draw out a lesson that I’d learned from those verses and share this with the congregation members. I started with an introductory few sentences, read half of the passage, interjected with a few more comments, read the rest of the verses and then wrapped up with a conclusion.

Of course, at such a young age, I did have a little coaching and guidance. But the lesson I expounded and words I spoke were my own and it set me up for a long public speaking career that continued on from that first Bible reading.

By the time I got to school leaving age, I had started to develop a love for public speaking. Hence, while at college, where I had enrolled for my B/Tec Diploma course in Computer Studies, I was always the one who volunteered to present group projects to the rest of the class and the lecturers. And, as the rest of my peers seemed to have a mortal dread of speaking in front of an audience, my eagerness to speak was soon recognised and I became the first choice to present such group assignments.

After leaving college and getting my first job in I.T., I didn’t really have the same opportunities to speak publicly as I’d had in college. However, I was still attending my mother’s church at that time, where I was able to keep up my public speaking, delivering short talks and sermons.

Speaking In Business

In 1999, I secured a job with a telemarketing company in Weoley Castle, Birmingham, UK, where they’d gotten a particular increase in tech clients. (I’d previously worked with another telemarketing company, which had specialised in I.T. telemarketing, where I’d worked with such clients as Acer, IBM and Microsoft. So this job was right up my street!)

A notable number of the team were clearly lacking in their I.T. knowledge. So I approached the manager and offered to share my I.T. experience and knowledge with my peers, in a classroom setting. For me, this was another speaking opportunity and I ended up providing a series of training sessions, which were very well received by both the team members and the management. Sadly, that company folded a number of months later. However, the experience gave me the confidence to continue pursuing speaking opportunities within a business environment.

Shortly after finishing my telemarketing job, I found myself working at Birmingham City Council. And while I was working there, the Council introduced an employee engagement programme called BEST (Belief, Excellence, Success, Trust). Each department was required to nominate a BEST Leader, who would be responsible for running team workshops, teaching the BEST ethos. This, to me, was another speaking opportunity and one that I grabbed with both hands and ran with.

Sadly, the BEST initiative did not gain the momentum that Birmingham Council’s leaders had expected or hoped for. And was eventually disbanded. But, by that time, I was ready to move on and become my own boss, anyway.

Self-Employment and Hosting Business Events

It was now 2010 and I had been out of my Birmingham City Council job and running my Virtual Assistance (V.A.) practice for about 2 years. Back then, I traded under the name of 2SupportU.biz, and was able to establish my own networking groups in Wolverhampton and Birmingham, UK, under the banner of Networking 2SupportU. The events were very well received and gave me opportunities to further hone my event hosting and speaking skills.

One of my big regrets in business is that I decided to close down Networking 2SupportU. Not because of attendance issues – quite far from it, attendance was very good. But because, as they grew in popularity, my events were taking more and more of my time to organise and I felt they were taking me away from and impacting on my core business – my V.A. practice. With hindsight, it may have been a better business decision to actually make the events my core business. But I was still relatively new to business back then and lacked the experience.

Zest Your Brand – A New Business Success Formula Is Born!

I have had many other learnings, failures and hard lessons in business, since I first become a full-time entrepreneur, over 10 years ago. These have shaped me as a business owner and formed the foundation for development of a unique branding success formula that I have created, called Zest Your Brand, which I have been teaching for the past 12+ months.

Business Event Hosting, Speaking and Training

Since closing my Networking 2SupportU events, I have had a great number of event hosting opportunities, including for the past two years being the West Midlands Regional Director for Part-Time Entrepreneurs’ Network (PTEN). We currently have two meet-and-greet events per month – in Birmingham and Wolverhampton – plus a bi-monthly Executive Seminar, which includes an inspirational or business-related keynote and business growth training.

Over the past twelve months, or more, I have also created a number of business growth workshops, teaching my unique branding success formula, Zest Your Brand, to a wide range of business starters and entrepreneurs.

Also more recently, in 2017, I have had the privilege of delivering keynote talks at a number of business networking events including Bromsgrove Coffee and Natter, Bromsgrove Chutney and Chatter, Cannock Yoo2Be Networking and Walsall Yoo2Be Networking groups. Additionally, I had the honour of delivering my signature keynote, entitled, “I Can, I Will, I AM!” to a group of young people at Walsall Job Centre, as part of International Men’s Day.

Over 30 Years’ Public Speaking Experience

In the 30+ years since that first Bible reading of mine, in front of a small, rural congregation in Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, my love for speaking has grown exponentially.

In addition to speaking at business events and running frequent business workshops, I am also currently available to speak inspirationally to younger people – for example in schools, colleges and Universities, etc. – on the subjects of self-belief, recognising and taking opportunities in life and business, and personal confidence.

If you would like to find out more about how I can inspire, engage and educate your audience – whether to entrepreneurs at a business event, or to younger people in a school or college assembly or University event – then get in touch with me by calling 0330 159 6148 (within the UK) or +44 121 314 3462 (internationally). Or send me an email, using the form on my Contact page.

I Can, I Will, I AM!

The following poem I wrote back in 2012 and now forms the basis for my signature talk, of the same title.

“I can do this!
It’s too big an opportunity to miss.
As long as I don’t let me fear deceive me,
As long as I allow myself to believe me.
I CAN do this!

I will do it!
I will follow through, right to the finish!
I will go out there and give it my all,
And when I’m done I will stand tall!
I WILL do it!

I am bringing that moment into the now!
Focused on succeeding, I’ll make my own how!
I’m ready for success, my time has come!
Seizing the moment, I’ve already won!
Yes, I AM the stronger man.
Yes, I CAN, I WILL, and I AM!”

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