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I help business owners to create, establish and grow a strong personal brand that attracts their perfect clients.

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My Story – In Short

I help business owners and entrepreneurs to create, establish and grow a strong personal brand that attracts their perfect clients. (My main niche is B2B service providers, with a particular focus on Virtual Assistants, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Speakers and Coaches. And I also work with restaurateurs, food outlets/producers and food authors.)

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1992. Back then, being new to business, I admittedly did not have a clue about branding or marketing and experienced a lot of frustration, and lost a lot of time and money, as I traversed the steep learning curve that lay before me.

Having experienced the pains of branding failure, I made it a point to learn everything I could about branding. And, once I’d mastered the art of branding, I made it my mission to help and guide other business owners – especially those within the B2B arena – through the branding minefield, so they could avoid the mistakes I’d made and pitfalls I’d fallen into.

And for the past 12+ years, I have had the privilege of working with a variety of business owners, helping them to create the various elements of their brand – logos, websites, social media presence, etc., plus teaching and mentoring clients through their personal branding journeys.

And with over 40 years of public speaking experience, I teach and coach business owners how to speak and communicate their brand message with clarity, coherence and confidence.

What I Do For My Clients

  • I teach and mentor business owners and entrepreneurs how to create and grow a strong brand.
  • I build sales engine websites – that is, websites that do more than just sit there looking pretty; they actually convert your website visitors into paying customers!
  • I provide a full range of brand design services including graphics and logo design, video editing, PowerPoint presentation design, vehicle graphics/signage, product/food photography, and more.
  • I teach business professionals and entrepreneurs how to overcome their fear of speaking and to speak their brand with clarity, coherence and confidence.

Who I Am Looking For

Who do you know who:

  • Is at a stuck point with their personal branding?
  • Want to learn how to create and establish a strong brand that attracts their perfect clients?
  • Wants a great brand design that will WOW their clients?
  • Wants to learn to speak fearlessly, with greater authority, confidence and power?
  • Is in need of a keynote speaker, to speak either inspirationally or on the subject of business growth and personal branding?

If you fit into one or more of the above categories – or you know someone else who does – then I would very much like to connect with you and discuss how I can help.

My Story – The Long Version

My Branding and Web Design Journey

Right from my childhood, I’ve always been both technically-minded and creative. Little wonder then I developed a passion for designing brands and websites.

However, I’ve had my own learning curve to climb. Along my entrepreneurial journey I’ve made a good many mistakes and faux pas. And I’ve learned valuable lessons from each of them.

Through personal experience, I have come to understand just how challenging and costly it can be to master the art of creating and establishing your brand, especially when you’re new to business.

Hence, it has become a passion of mine, to guide other business owners through the minefield of branding, helping them to avoid the pains and pitfalls and, instead, to establish their brand and flourish online.

Although I learned computer programming at college, the internet wasn’t around back then. And everything I have learned about web design is self-taught, building on the foundation of my computing background.

When I built my very first website, I did not really have a clue about the correlation between one’s brand and website. I genuinely thought that if I built a website, with lots of affiliate links, I’d get a flood of visitors, all eager to click on those links, making me money in the process. How naive I was!

When I starting my Virtual Assistance practice in 2008, a number of my clients asked me if I could build websites and create flyers and other marketing materials. I found I enjoyed doing this more than the administrative services I was providing as a Virtual Assistant. I was also a lot better at the design works! This is how I got into designing websites, logos and other branding materials, on a professional level.

Around 2015, things were not going well for me. I was struggling to compete in the ever-growing web services industry and I realised I needed to up my game and raise the bar, if I was to stay in this field. After much brain-storming and reverse-engineering of both my own processes and the ‘success formulae’ that others were using, I discovered that there were 4 key areas (Definition, Engagement, Apparatus and Delivery) were business owners frequently fall down, when it comes to branding. This lead me to creating a ‘failure formula’, which I called D.E.A.D. Brand Syndrome™. And, of course, there had to be an antidote to this ‘failure formula’. Hence, my Zest Your Brand™ success system was born.

Most recently, I have written a book called The Branding Nightmare: The Business Owner’s Guide To The Most Common Branding Mistakes And How To Avoid Them. As its title suggests, the book goes into great depth on the most common branding pitfalls, including D.E.A.D. Brand Syndrome™. It then wraps up with an introduction to my Zest Your Brand™ success system.

I also speak about branding at business networking events and seminars; and I teach my success systems in regular workshops.

More recently, I have rebranded Zest Your Brand™ as Speak Your Brand™. Instead of being another formula, Speak Your Brand™ is based on simple success principles and methods. I have taken this route as I came to realise that, as everyone’s brand is unique, following a hard-and-fast system does not work for everyone. Whereas, adopting simple success principles and methods does work!

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you to create a stronger brand for your B2B services business, then check out my Brand Coaching programmes. If, on the other hand, you require assistance with the physical manifestations of your brand – such as your website or logo, then visit my Brand Creation solutions and Brand Continuity services.

My Speaking Journey

I had my first experience of public speaking when I was just 8 years of age. I delivered a short Bible talk to an audience of more than 40 congregation members, at my mother’s church. Although I got my words mixed up and burst into tears, with a little encouragement from a gentleman sat on the first row, I completed my speaking assignment to rapturous applause.

That first speaking experience, to be honest, was quite harrowing. However, the exhilaration I felt on completing that first talk was enough for me to do it again, a few weeks later. And, as time progressed and I realised I could actually do this speaking thing well, I learned to enjoy it. And, with the encouragement and coaching from the ministers in my mother’s church, I continued to do short Bible talks throughout my childhood and into my early twenties.

As I progressed through my early working career, I took every opportunity I could to speak and hone my speaking skills. This included presenting to Company Directors and Board Members; and training team colleagues, in a classroom setting.

I started my entrepreneurial journey in my mid-twenties, working with a number of Multi-Level Marketing organisations up until my mid-thirties. During that time, I was able to train my own team members, and also speak at larger Business Opportunity Meetings, presenting to audiences within the hundreds.

I became a full-time business owner in 2008 and have taken every opportunity to speak at and host networking events since that year, up into the present day.

Most recently, I have acted as Event Host at the Executive Escapes business conference in Malta and am currently the Regional Director (West Midlands) for Part-Time Entrepreneurs’ Network, hosting networking events within Birmingham and the West Midlands area. Additionally, I run regular training workshops, teaching business owners how to create a stronger personal brand; how to network more profitably; and how to speak and present with even greater confidence.

Throughout my speaking career, spanning over 40 years, I have had the privilege of speaking to a wide variety of audiences, of various sizes, from small groups and upwards, on a plethora of subjects. (My largest audience was about 3,000.)

For me, speaking is a symbiotic relationship – between my audience and me. I deliver value, and they reciprocate with positive response and energy that feeds my continued delivery. It is a most beautiful relationship and the reason I am never happier than when I’m front of room or on stage, delivering value.

If you are running an event and in need of an Event Host or Speaker, then check out my Speaking and Event Hosting pages, to find out more about how I can add value to your event, as either a Speaker or Event Host.

Speak Your Brand™ - Be Noticed, Be Heard, Be Booked! (Currently on Display:none)

I started my public speaking career when I was just 8 years old. And, since that time, I have developed a love for speaking.

In business I have seen how particularly vital it is to be able to be able to speak with clarity, coherence and confidence. This is especially true when it comes to communicating your brand message – what I refer to as, “speaking your brand.”

This is a particular passion of mine and the reason I have developed my Speak Your Brand™ programme, which aims to help business owners to:

  • Gain clarity of what your brand is about and who it is for;
  • Create the essential tools needed to speak your brand;
  • Communicate your brand message with coherence and confidence.

Additionally, with running your business on a day-to-day basis, it can often be a challenge to keep on track with growing your brand. Which is why I have also set up the Speak Your Brand Club™.

This exclusive, members-only club provides support, training, one-to-one coaching and mentoring, focus groups and networking events, plus a range of other products and services, giving you the tools you need to keep your brand healthy and client-attractive.

I Can, I Will, I AM!

The following poem I penned back in 2012 and now forms the basis for my signature talk, of the same title.

“I can do this!
It’s too big an opportunity to miss.
As long as I don’t let me fear deceive me,
As long as I allow myself to believe me.
I CAN do this!

I will do it!
I will follow through, right to the finish!
I will go out there and give it my all,
And when I’m done I will stand tall!
I WILL do it!

I am bringing that moment into the now!
Focused on succeeding, I’ll make my own how!
I’m ready for success, my time has come!
Seizing the moment, I’ve already won!
Yes, I AM the stronger man.
Yes, I CAN, I WILL, and I AM!”

More Fun Stuff To Know About Me

When I’m not creating my own special magic for my clients, I enjoy writing, reading and performing poetry; singing; and eating out.

I am a published poet, with 3 books to my name:

Our Olympic Heroes;
Life, The Universe and Poetry;
and The Mortal Man.

I’ve also written and published a business book – The Branding Nightmare: A Business Owner’s Guide To The Most Common Branding Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

4 Common Branding Mistakes Business Owners Need To Avoid – Free Guide and Checklist

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Jargon-free and straighforward advice and training, explained in simple, layman’s terms always.

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Ensuring your brand’s success through highly-responsive support and advice to suit the needs of your business.

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Rave Reviews From Clients And Colleagues!

Website And Brand Support Testimonial

“For me, the benefits Jae has provided are being a great communicator; being able to simplify things so that I understand what the website is going to provide.

I’d recommend Jae, first of all because of his communication. And any time I need to speak to him, he’s very clear, he keeps me up to date.”

Anna Goodwin

Anna Goodwin Accountancy Ltd.

Brand Coaching Testimonial

“Jae made me realise my unexpected strengths when it came to delivering my services to people. His ability to meticulously listen to anyone is what stands out more than anything! And of course his highly approachable personality is a massive plus.

His ability to pick out your strengths and build upon those is why I strongly suggest you get in contact with Jae. As his input will transform your business and allow you to find that “hidden flame” within yourself.”

Sharmarke Kulane

Business Starter

Brand Coaching Testimonial

“Jae helped and advised me when I was first starting out in my business. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding marketing online and using web technologies. I would heartily recommend Jae to anyone seeking business support or advice about online marketing.”

Pushpa Alexander

Headz Up Business

Speaking Testimonial

“Not only was the content excellent but he delivered it in a way that kept the audience’s attention throughout. If you are looking for a keynote speaker, particularly around helping small businesses grow Jae is your man!”

Ian Preston

IJP Consultancy Ltd.

Event Compering Testimonial

“I was speaking at Executive Escapes in Malta and Jae-Lex was the MC. I highly recommend Jae-Lex as a host because he is able to create a story and connect all the different sessions of the events seamlessly.”

Simone Vincenzi


Brand Support Testimonial

“Jae’s work ethic has been impeccable and he has become a resource I can depend on. I’d recommend him to others looking for reliable services.”

Catherine Labinjo

The Excellence Coach

John Drinkwater Testimonial - Unleash Your Inner Warrior Workshop

Unleash Your Inner Warrior Workshop Testimonial

“Absolutely great. I feel like I’ve unleashed my inner warrior and am feeling really postive and ready to go and speak. You’ve given me all the confidence to go out and speak.”

Hugo Robinson

Director, Rgroup Money Solutions

Branding Workshop Testimonial

“I attended Jae’s Branding Masterclass, and I’m very glad I did! Not only did Jae provide us with informative and helpful slides, he had also put together a very detailed workbook, which we were asked to complete and fill in as we went along. The workbook proved to be a very valuable tool in helping me assess the strengths of my both my business and myself.”

Janinah McKenzie

Freelance Marketing Consultant and Creative Services

Book Review: The Branding Nightmare

“I wish this book could have been written years ago…. it is packed with simple, easy to apply tips and techniques in plain language that ‘even I’ can understand. I re-read very few books but this is one that will get read again and again!”

David Hyner

Motivational And Goals Setting Speaker

Book Review: The Branding Nightmare

“A great book for start up and established business owners alike who want to raise their branding game, be more visible and aim for market leadership!”

Kelly Teasdale

Global Marketer, Communications Expert, Business Growth Coach and Speaker

Book Review: The Branding Nightmare

“Jae-Lex has written an engaging, easy to read book, which takes the reader through the concepts and pitfalls of Branding. In doing so he successfully debunks common myths and misconceptions, while putting Branding into context against Marketing and Selling.

This is his story, anchored in his direct experience, and amplified by client and network connections’ stories.

This book is a great starting point for any new business; however, it works equally well for established ones, especially if they are stuck in a rut, as this should help them escape the nightmare of bad, ineffectual Branding undermining their marketing efforts and costing them sales. Start-ups will also benefit from the general business hints and tips scattered throughout.

I urge readers to take action after reading this book, then revisit it periodically to check how well they are doing in this important aspect.”

John Holder

Business Growth Consultant

The Branding Nightmare

The Business Owner’s Guide To The Most Common Branding Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.

Branding is the foundation of a successful business. If you want your business to thrive amidst your competitors, you need to stand out with a strong brand.

The Branding Nightmare will take you on a journey, guiding you around and past the most common branding pitfalls made by business owners – both new and established; guiding you onto the road to success. You will learn how your mindset can impact on your brand; the wrong and right ways to build an online presence; common business networking mistakes that could potentially harm your brand; and a lot more.

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