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This nine-week online mentoring programme will give you the essential skills, know-how and tools you need to present your brand clearly and professionally and sell with confidence, in any given speaking scenario.

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Speak Your Brand™ – What It Means,
And Why You Need To Do It

For your audience to fully understand your brand message and take the action you want, you must communicate in an effective manner. This is what we refer to as speaking your brand.

There are three essential keys you need to ensure you Speak Your Brand™. They are:



It is crucial to establish your brand message within your own mind.


Motivate your audience into action with clear, supportive direction.


Establish authority as the expert within your field.

Speak Your Brand™ One-To-One Mentoring Programme

This online programme has been designed to give you the tools you need to communicate your brand message with clarity, coherence and confidence.

The key benefit of this programme is that you will be better equipped to attract more clients, with greater ease. This programme will give you the essential skills, know-how and tools you need to attract your perfect clients – and more of them, with greater ease!

Imagine having your perfect clients coming to you – actually seeking you out – instead of you having to go out and hunt for them.

Imagine being able to close sales more easily, more often – filling your sales book and/or calendar with more paying clients than you’ve ever imagined possible!

The programme consists of nine weekly sessions, where you will learn the following:

  • Week 1: Creating Your Brand Story: Bringing together the various elements of your brand story, your where (past, present, and future); your why; your goals; your vision statement; your mission statement and your brand message.
  • Week 2: Finding Your Audience: Identifying your perfect client, their key characteristics, including demographic; psychographic; financial status; and behaviours.
  • Week 3: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch.
  • Week 4: Feeling Comfortable On Camera, Plus Video Marketing.
  • Week 5: Video Live Streaming (including Facebook Live).
  • Week 6: Your Signature Talk – Structure And Notes.
  • Week 7: Your Signature Talk – Perfecting Your Delivery
  • Week 8: Creating Your First Webinar.
  • Week 9: Your Road Map To Branding Success – Making A Plan Of Action.

Value-Added Bonuses

In addition to receiving your one-to-one, online mentoring sessions, you will receive the following benefits:

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