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Rebranding For B2B Service Providers

Have you outgrown Your Old Brand? Is It Time For a Change?

There comes a time in the life cycle of every brand when it no longer serves the needs of the business. It’s time for a change; to consider rebranding your business. Jae-Lex Linsey can guide you through this new journey, to ensure you get everything just so, and attract new clients with even greater ease.

3 Top Reasons Why You Need To Rebrand And How To Do It – Free Guide and Checklist

Making Your Rebranding Journey Easier

Zest Your Brand™ is my simple, easy to follow Success System. Its 5-point process that will enable you to create, build and maintain a new, stronger brand identity.

Your Zest Your Brand™ coaching sessions will enable you to hone your unique brand identity. We will look at the five key areas that are your path to a stronger and even more successful brand:

By homing in on these five essential facets of your brand – where, why, who, what, how – we will discover what makes you truly unique and the intrinsic value that you can provide to your customers over and above your competitors’ offerings.

Gaining an even clearer focus on your direction – where you are now and where you want to get to, your why, your ethos and your unique value.

Your CROWD refers to your audience – those you wish to attract and influence. It includes those who are yet to buy from you, those who have bought from you/are buying from you and those who know, like and trust you enough to recommend you and your products/services to others. It’s crucial that, once you have CLARITY on your Where and Why that you get know your Who – i.e. your CROWD – inside out.


Now that you have CLARITY on your Where and Why, and you’ve identified your CROWD – Who you’re targeting, it’s time to look at How you will use your COMMUNICATION to get your message out there. Here, we look at your audience’s communication styles, their watering holes, and your message – what it is and how exactly you need to get it out to your audience.


Here, we focus specifically on your brand communication tools – your logo, social media presence, website, etc. and how to use these to convey your message even more effectively.

As and if needed, we can also redesign your logo, website, social media cover images; as well as your offline marketing materials, such as your business cards, roll-up banner, flyers, etc.


This is the final, crucial stage of the process. It’s how we ensure your engine keeps running and bringing in the clients. Specifically, this is the stage where we get to creating a strategy that builds and maintains the momentum, enabling you to achieve on-going results.


Kamila - Business Starter

“Thank you for meeting me today and giving me very useful tips. You’ve helped me to restore my hopes that I can succeed in this area of business. Thank you”

Sabine - Business Starter

“The session with you has helped me so much to get some structure back into my head.”

Pushpa Alexander - Headz Up Business

“Jae helped and advised me when I was first starting out in my business. I found him to be very knowledgeable regarding marketing online and using web technologies. I would heartily recommend Jae to anyone seeking business support or advice about online marketing.”

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