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Executive Escapes Malta 2018
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Video Testimonials

Simone Vincenzi, International Speaker

I had the honour of sharing the stage with Simone Vincenzi, as part of Executive Escapes Malta 2018, where he was one of the speakers, and I was in the role of Conferencing Host.

This is Simone’s testimonial regarding my hosting of the event…

Simone Vincenzi Video Testimonial

  Visit Simone’s Website

Mel Eves, Professional Speaker & Performance Coach

Mel Eves is a former professional footballer, turned professional speaker and performance coach. After hearing my keynote talk, this was what Mel said…

Mel Eves Video Testimonial

  Visit Mel’s Website

Evadney Campbell, International Speaker & PR Coach

Evadney Campbell is an international speaker, PR Consultant and co-founder of Shiloh PR. Evadney was one of the speakers at Executive Escapes Malta 2018, where I was the Conference Host. This is what she said about my event hosting abilities…

Evadney Campbell Video Testimonial

  Visit Evadney’s Website

Ian Preston, Sales Trainer & Professional Speaker

Ian Preston is a Sales Trainer and professional speaker. He had come to Coffee and Natter specifically to hear my keynote. This is what he said about it afterwards …

Ian Preston Video Testimonial

  Visit Ian’s Website

Darren Blackwood, Event Group Director

Darren Blackwood is the Group Director at Training Kings Walsall, where I delivered a keynote about personal branding. After the event, Darren said the following about my talk …

Darren Blackwood Video Testimonial

  Visit Training Kings’ Website

Saroj Kumari, Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Saroj Kumari is a Motivational Speaker, who came to Coffee & Natter specifically to hear my keynote. This is what she had to say after the event …

Simone Vincenzi Video Testimonial

  Visit Saroj’s Website

Carol Edmondson, Entrepreneur

Carol Edmondson is an entrepreneur focused on health and wellness. She came to hear my speaking at Coffee and Natter. This is what she had to say…

  Visit Carol’s Website

Angela Barlow, Business Owner

Angela Barlow is a NLP Master Practitioner, specialising in emotional and physical pain relief, and founder of Holistic Mindsets. After my Keynote Talk, this was what Angela said about it…

Angela Barlow Video Testimonial

  Visit Angela’s Website

Rohini Makwana, Business Owner

Rohini Makwana runs her own videography business. After hearing my Keynote she said the following …

Rohini Makwana Video Testimonial

  Visit Rohini’s Website

Hugo Robinson, Entrepreneur

Hugo Robinson is an entrepreneur who attended my Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Speaking & Presenting With Confidence Masterclass. This is how he benefited from attending the workshop…

Hugo Robinson Video Testimonial

  Visit Hugo’s Website

Catherine Painter, Workshop Attendee

Catherine Painter attended my Unleash Your Inner Warrior: Speaking & Presenting With Confidence Masterclass. This is how she benefited from attending the workshop…

Catherine Painter Video Testimonial

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