Your Branding Honeypot

How To Build A Strong Brand That Attracts Your Perfect Clients Like Bees To Honey!

A Mini-Master Class On How To
Create A Strong, Irresistible Personal Brand

1:30 pm until 4:30 pm (GMT), Friday, 12th March 2021

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Do You Want To Attract Your Perfect Clients With Ease?

Have you ever observed how easily bees are attracted to an open pot of honey, and will quickly swarm around it?

What if that pot of honey was your brand, and those bees were your perfect clients? Can you imagine that? Does it sound like the perfect outcome for your business? How does this make you feel?

This can be your reality if you want it to be. And I will show you how…

What’s This Mini-Masterclass About?

Your Branding Honeypot is an introductory online workshop that will teach you how to create a strong, irresistible brand, from the ground, up to attract your perfect clients, like bees to honey.

You will learn:

  • What exactly branding is and why it is the most crucial element in your client attraction system;
  • The difference between “any client”, your ideal client and your anti-client;
  • How your mindset and belief systems can either hinder or help your brand;
  • Overcoming self-belief issues and negative self-talk that could potentially hinder your branding success;
  • How to get your pricing right, so that you’re even more attractive to your ideal clients;
  • And much, much more.

Get Your Two Free Gifts, Worth A Total Retail Value Of £90!

When you book and attend the Your Branding HoneyPot mini-masterclass, you will receive two free power tools to help you design your Perfect Client Profile and plan your content for social media and blogging purposes.

Create Your Perfect Client Profile Power Tool

Create Your Perfect Client Profile Power Tool

A simple profiling tool to help you create your Perfect Client Profile (PCP).

Usual Retail Price: £45

Content Marketing Scheduler Power Tool

Your Content Marketing Scheduler Power Tool

A simple content scheduling tool to help you plan your online content and establish consistency for up to 12 months.

Usual Retail Price: £45

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About Your Webinar Host, Jae-Lex Linsey


Jae-Lex Linsey (known simply as ‘Jae’) is a personal branding mentor, as well as a business speaker, trainer and author of the book, “The Branding Nightmare: The Business Owner’s Guide To The Most Common Branding Mistakes And How To Avoid Them.”

Having worked in the branding marketplace, building websites and designing logos for clients, for over 12 years, Jae now teaches and guides both business starters and established entrepreneurs on how to create and establish a strong and irresistible brand, from the ground, up.

Find Your Branding Honeypot Now!

Who Should Attend This “Your Branding Honeypot” Mini-Master Class And Why?

The Branding Honeypot: How To Attract Your Perfect Clients, Like Bees To Honey is an ideal starting point for business owners who:

  1. Are just starting out and want to ensure they get their brand right from the get-go;
  2. Have been in business for 2 – 5+ years, are considering a rebrand or about to embark on one, and want to ensure they get everything in place for their new brand to be a success;
  3. Want to eliminate their pain-in-the-butt clients and attract their perfect clients. (Let’s be brutally honest, here. We’ve all had them and wished we could get rid of them! You’ll learn how in this workshop.)

This webinar will teach you the essential information you need to ensure you get your brand/rebrand right, from the get-go and that you are able to attract your perfect clients with ease – just like bees around a honeypot!

Are You Ready To Start Attracting Your Perfect Clients,
Like Bees To Honey?

Do you want your own branding honeypot, to start attracting your perfect clients?

Are you ready to start attracting your perfect clients? You know, the ones who are an absolute joy to work with and make you realise, every time you work with them, why you got into your business and why you love doing what you do so much!

Did I hear you say, “Yes!”?

Then What Are You Waiting For?

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