The Speak Your Brand™ Master Class

Speaking And Presenting With Confidence Workshop

The Workshop To Empower You With Confident Speaking and Presenting Skills.

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Public Speaking – Why You Need To Do It


Expand your skillset and overcome your fears.


Get noticed by the people who matter. Win the respect of your peers.


Attract career opportunities and ideal clients with ease.

Empowering You To Speak With Clarity, Coherence and Confidence…

In the Unleash Your Inner Warrior online workshop, you will discover the techniques and tricks used by many of the world’s most proficient and accomplished speakers. We will teach you how to:

  • Quickly and easily put yourself at ease before stepping into a speaking or presenting situation;
  • How to turn your nervous energy into a power house that will empower you to present with even greater impact;
  • How to prepare and structure your notes to allow your thoughts to flow smoothly throughout your presentation;
  • A simple technique to use to help you regain your flow, in case you forget your words or loose your track of thought;
  • How to use pausing to create anticipation and keep your audience’s attention;
  • How to use your speaking space (when front of room or on stage) to greatest effect;
  • How to finish on a crescendo that will have your audience wanting more.

Introducing Your Trainer

Jae-Lex (Jae) Linsey

Jae-Lex (Jae) Linsey

Inspirational Business Speaker, Personal Branding Coach, Trainer and Author

Jae-Lex Linsey started his public speaking experience over 40 years ago, when he was just 8 years of age. Whilst he totally fluffed up, forgetting his words and bursting into tears, the encouragement he received set him on a lifelong public speaking journey, which has lead him to where he is today; a man who truly loves speaking and is on a mission to help and empower others and teach them how to enjoy – even fall in love with speaking, both one-to-one and one-to-many.

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Why You Should Attend This Workshop…

This workshop is about you and for you; to empower you to become the best speaker you can be.

Whether you have an abject fear of speaking or feel greatly anxious or nervous when in a speaking or presenting scenario, if you want to overcome your fear of presenting and learn how to gain enjoyment from speaking; to speak with confidence and authority, then you need to attend this workshop.

What You Will Gain…

On the training day, you will learn the skills to empower your mindset and inspire your confidence in any given presenting or speaking scenario. You will go away with a renewed perception of speaking and the know-how to put your thoughts across effectively and confidently.

You will have stepped onto the path to enjoying the speaking and presenting experience.

What Previous Delegates Have Said About This Workshop

(Both The Online And Classroom-Style Events)

“Very informative and useful tips and techniques.”

Saroj Kumari


“I was a bit apprehensive on my way to the course. But now I’ve completed the course, it was absolutely great. I feel like I’ve unleashed my inner warrior and am feeling really postive and ready to go and speak. You’ve given me all the confidence to go out and speak.

Hugo Robinson


“I came on the course to gain more confidence around public speaking. I found the course really useful and feel I can take this forward in my next career move.”

Catherine Painter

“Lots of insights learned and I’m looking forward to going away with this information and doing wonderful things with it.”

John Drinkwater

Business Owner

Register Interest For My New, Upgraded Workshop

The Speak Your Brand™ Masterclass (Formerly entitled Unleash Your Inner Warrior) has been a resounding success both in a classroom setting (since 2018) and more recently (since Lockdown 2020) as an online workshop. However, as the business landscape has changed and more people are taking their businesses online, I have decided to revamp the workshop, in order to make it more accessible to more people.

The anticipated date for the new course will be around the end of August 2021. However, you can register your interest now to be informed when the new, upgraded course is ready. And, as a thank you for registering, I will give you a free, complimentary one-to-one coaching session (up to 45 minutes), in order to help you with your immediate speaking needs.